A Holocaust Names Memorial bearing the names of 102,000 people not given a proper burial will be erected in the Netherlands

    A place where survivors can remember their loved ones. A memorial with so many names serves as a lasting warning to humanity about the drastic consequences of racism and discrimination.

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    This is what the Holocaust Names Memorial will look like.

    Daniel Libeskind designed the Holocaust Names Memorial specially for the site on Weesperstraat. The memorial comprises four Hebrew letters that together spell the word for ‘In memory of’. Curious to learn more? Watch the 3D animation of the design.

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    Want to contribute? Adopt a name or donate as a supporter

    Everybody can adopt one or more names on the memorial. You can adopt a name by donating just 50 euros. By taking care of the victims from that period, we can all ensure that the Names Memorial becomes a reality. Have you already adopted one or more names? You still can, and your contribution is vital!

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    News: Significant donations to the Holocaust names memorial-

    Jacqueline van Maarsen, writer and childhood friend of Anne Frank, has donated 50,000 euros.
    The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) has donated 1,400 euros.
    De Jong Groep from Amsterdam makes a generous contribution to the Names Memorial.
    More and more Dutch local governments support the Names Memorial.

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